Welcome to the Psygrammer blog

This blog explores the role that personality and behavior have in the world of software development.  I believe better understanding by programmers of themselves and their teams delivers better software.  Moreover, I believe that the software community too often underestimates both the positive and negative impacts of behavior.

The paradox is:

The more that an individual programmer or team treats personality and behavior as unimportant the more likely that “people issues” will cause problems.

It’s been my experience that positive individual behavior and effective interpersonal dynamics amongst developers are key to great software initiatives. Good teams thrive on respect, constructive challenges to each others ideas and other positive dynamics.

Conversely, too many projects — commercial, open source and personal — are hindered or even fail because of human factors.  Lack of trust, clashes of egos, lack of motivation and poor communication, amongst other factors, can hamper software initiatives.

So a little more understanding of people issues in the software community can make a positive contribution to the success of software and to the enjoyment of the process.

The blog is written for the general software community: software developers, team leaders, managers and all the people who work in and around software development.  But I suppose my first audience is myself because writing is a good way to explore the topic.


If you’ve read a post please take a moment to rate it, comment on it or pass it on through Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Google +1 or send it to friends.  Whether positive or negative, agreeing or disagreeing, all feedback and referrals are always appreciated.


I aim to write a post every weekend.  But then life gets in the way.  So the reality is usually a post every second Monday.

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Ads & WordPress.com

The blog is hosted at WordPress.com.  The service is free except that I pay a small fee for the vanity psygrammer.com domain.  The quid pro quo is that WordPress.com occasionally places ads in the content.

I don’t place the ads. I don’t receive any money for the ads.  I don’t make any money from the blog.

Still, I’m happy with the WordPress.com service.  It provides good tools for creating and maintaining the site; it has good support for subscribers, commentators and social media etc; it does a reasonable job of supporting search engine access and all that.

About Me

I have been involved in software development for over 30 years starting out at age 12 on a TRS-80 and HP equipment.  I’ve worked in many roles: as a programmer, team leader, manager, product manager, technical sales, sales representative, marketing, CTO and even Chief Financial Officer.  I’ve edited W3C and Java standards in the voice arena.  I’ve got a number of patents, research publications, patents and a PhD in Electrical Engineering.  I live in Australia but have lived and worked in the US, Japan and Malaysia for half my career.   I hope this variety of perspectives brings an extra dimension to the blog.

Technically speaking, I’ve worked in C, C++, Java, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, VB, Awk, Shell, assembly languages and many more.  I’m comfortable with a range of web standards.  And I’m a football coach (that’s soccer in case you’re wondering).

I hope you find something of interest in the blog.  Feel free to write me any time at psygrammer AT gmail with comments and suggestions.

Andrew J Hunt – Psygrammer



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